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75th Annniversary Celebrations 1938 - 2013

Winterley Methodist Brass Band will be celebrating 75 years of music making in 2013. A group of members and volunteers formed a 75 Years Celebrations Planning Group in 2011 and continue to meet regularly. The group keep everyone informed about the progress with preparations for 2013 through regular newsletters (links below).

All members and former members are invited to block the dates of the special celebration weekend in their diaries -

Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 November 2013.

Please revisit this page regularly to read the latest 75 Years Celebrations newsletter.

Links to Newsletters

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No. 3
No. 4
No. 5

75th Anniversary Celebration Ideas
1 Christmas card in 2012 to raise awareness of the celebrations.
2 Band Sunday.
3 Dinner and concert.
4 "Tour", e.g. concert (Saturday) overnight and a.m. service (Sunday) in North Wales.
5 Commission a piece of music for the band.
6 Scroll of members and associates (e.g. special website page).
7 Trainer Band event(s).
8 Trip to see how instuments are made / repaired.
9 Record a CD.
10 Mass band event / re-union band concert.
11 Eisteddfod style event - local music competitions / contest.
12 Concert of music through the years.
13 Publicise the 75 years celebrations events on the band and village website.
14 Newsletter - circulated to the local community and circuit.
15 Outdoor event - e.g. picnic Gawsworth-style.
16 BBQ (could be included as part of another event, e.g. treasure hunt.)
17 Masterclass, e.g. for Trainer Band.
18 "Spectacular" using skills of past players, e.g. John French.
19 Involvement of supporters and families.
20 Launch of new band uniform.

Suggested Fund-raising Ideas:
1 Coffee Evening, e.g. at Hollowford House.
2 Auction of promises.
3 Design and sell Christmas cards.
4 Talents scheme.   (Based on the parable of the talents).   Each member is given a sum of money and asked to create a way to increase the money - e.g. make home-made jam, and sell to other members.   The scheme would last over several months.
5 Sponsored blow.
6 Sponsorship.
7 Christmas Carols at the supermarkets.   (2011 & 2012)
8 Christmas Carols at Wheelock Farm shop.
9 Raffle (local).
10 Bring and Buy sales.
11 Sale of surplus fruit / vegetables from own gardens.
12 Stall at Haslington Fun Day.
13 Concerts.
14 Joint event with other local charity or group.